Watch For the Twins!

by Jenny Chissus, photos by Connie Geagel

Keep a watch out for the moose twin calves that have been sighted along Jakolof Bay Road with their mother this past month.   This has been a real treat for folks who get a glimpse of this skittish trio on this side of Kachemak Bay.

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Moose tend to be rarely seen  as we have such a high population of black bear, and we are closed off by glaciers to the main peninsula, so there isn’t a transient population.  I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing moose since I moved to Seldovia over nine years ago!  With all the hiking on vacant lands and remote properties out the road, I have seen evidence of moose (moose droppings) but they have always kept out of sight.

Moose mama’s (cows) are very protective of their young, and can run up to 35 miles an hour!  Though they are herbivores, cows normally weigh around 800 pounds and you certainly don’t want to get in between them and their young.  Moose are known to trample, stomp on, kick and even kill a person who threatens them or their calves.  They may appear cute and “stuffed animal” like – but do not get too close!

Please keep a look out as you drive out Jakolof Bay Road – as they have been seen at Barabara Creek, Kasitsna Bay Lab (where these photos were taken) and Jakolof Bay.  With snowy weather and poor visibility, please be aware that they are out and walking the road – so drive safe!

Thanks Layla and Connie for the photos!


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