Daily Archives: January 31, 2012

Dear Friends in Seldovia

card sent to the community of Seldovia from Jackie Graese and family


Getting Ready For Tax Season

by Savannah Lewis, Library Director – Seldovia Public Library

It’s about that time of year, again, for us to post our tax resources tips. We did that last year, and what we wrote then is still accurate.

But to make it a little more convenient for you to use this information at the library, we’ve also included a link to these same resources on the link directory page that automatically opens when you use the internet on our public library computers (just look under “Government”).

As always, we don’t provide forms here at the library. You’re always welcome to print out what you need from the IRS website (that’s one of the links), but we do charge 10 cents a page for all pages printed. Yes, we agree that this sort of adds insult to injury, but it’s simply not possible for our very limited budget to provide printer ink ($150 a cartridge!) and paper for free.

Come Watch our Home Volleyball Game!

by Sandy Geagel

Community Bingo – Saturday Night!

by Trinket Gallien