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Chinook Challenge – $500 Cash Prize!

by Tim Dillon


SBE – School News

by Sandy Geagel

Miss Montgomery and Miss Smith wanted families to know they will be here the month of June from 12:00 noon to 3:00 pm to assist students in completing last year’s (2011-12) work.  Please view your child’s “Educate” account to see standards completed and those that need to be completed to move into the next level or known as “grade” if our school was not Performance Based.  There may be a couple days that Miss Montgomery will be away in June and will let the students who are attending know.  Students are welcome to come as they so desire.

2012-13 School Dates to put on your CALENDAR

July 20th   POOL CLOSED – 2012-13 Scheduling pool begins after August 21st
July 23rd   GYM CLOSED – 2012-13 Scheduling of activities begin after Aug. 21st
July 27th   COMMONS CLOSED – 2012-13 Scheduling resumes after August 21st Continue reading

Summer Pool Schedule

by Vivian Rojas

SOCC Meeting

by Jan Wyland