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Seldovia Celebrates its Graduates!

by Jenny Chissus

One of the special features of going to school on a small K-12 campus is that the graduation ceremony at Susan B English School consisted of students ranging from ages 4 to 18!

We had two little ones graduating from Head Start – who will be going into Kindergarten next year, Lars Dickson and Hannah Winters, who shyly shuffled across the stage to receive their diplomas and coyly pose for the photo-op at the top of the stairs.

It was fun to watch as they enjoyed the applause and their first experience as stars on center stage.  Enjoy the fabulous photos of the two moms in the aisle (Jenifer and Charity) kneeling to take the photo and give the congratulatory embrace as their graduates left the stage – priceless!

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Our largest class at SBE consists of 10 graduates from 8th grade – Kyla Appeles, Thor Burt, Calem Collier, Marina Chissus, Tim Haller, Aidan Philpot, Rosalia Continue reading


Roadside Plant Talk and Walk

by Ian McGaughey


Seldovia Teacher Awarded Guitar Grant

by Jenny Chissus

Two Rasmuson Arts Educator Grants were given by the Alaska State Council on the Arts this year, and a big CONGRATULATIONS goes out to our very own Ruth Sensenig who was awarded one of them!  A small exerpt from the Rasmuson Foundation website outlines their position on the encouragement of the arts in education.

“Rasmuson Foundation believes creativity, imagination and self expression are important qualities that should be fostered and encouraged among young people. Experiences in the arts cultivate these qualities and pave the way for the next generation to grow into resourceful, creative, and engaged adults.

Research shows exceptional things happen when the arts become part of the lives of children. The arts play an important role in captivating young people and propelling them to higher levels of achievement and understanding.

Rasmuson Foundation initiated the Arts In Education program to increase the role of cultural institutions in making arts experiences available in schools and neighborhoods; to inspire collaborations between educators, artists and cultural institutions; to increase student access to a variety of high-quality arts and cultural experiences; and to encourage student participation in the arts.”  – from www.rasmuson.org

Ruth taught band this past year, and although the class was enthusiastic and well attended, she felt as though she was supervising jam sessions instead of teaching.  Ruth’s musical experience is in piano, so she applied for this small school grant to Continue reading