Engaged! Matthew Gain and Natalie Grimes

by Jenny Chissus
 Funny how news travels these days…

My son came downstairs Sunday night – fairly late to announce to the family that Seldovian’s very own Matthew Gain just proposed to Natalie Grimes! Matthew was raised in Seldovia, and he is the son of Ronene and Keith Gain.  (Keith is Seldovia’s Mayor)  So how did my son find out this exciting news?  A “text”!

I happened to run into a very smiley and cheerful Natalie on the street Monday, chatting with a few other local gals – I’m certain the topic was the same… I’m Engaged!

I made a u-turn and pulled over to congratulate the bride-to-be, and she smiled, ear-to-ear and with a grand “Thank you!” as I noticed the beautiful ring on her left hand.  Ah, young love!   With a twinkle in her eye – she glowed when she said to me “I just can’t stop smiling, my smile muscles are sore!”

Getting to know Natalie:  Natalie grew up in Hope, a small farming town in Indiana and is the youngest of 4 children of Teri and Sherin Grimes. She had over 10 years showing poultry, hogs, rabbits and other livestock with 4-H, and claims she’s a country girl, through and through!  After her family moved to Avon, about 6 years ago, she started a band with her sister called “The Grimes Girls” and traveled around the country, which began her career in music.

How did Matthew and Natalie meet?  While on tour with her duo “Diamonds in the Rough” she performed at the Seldovia Summer Solstice Music Festival in June of 2011.      Matthew and Natalie hit it off from the start, and they managed to find ways that summer (between fishing and performing) to spend more time together.  Even after Natalie returned home to Indiana in September, they continued to get to know each other via Skype and phone calls.

As their relationship became more serious they decided it would be a good idea if Natalie moved to Alaska so they could have more one-on-one time.  As great as the internet can be, it is not the same as time together in person!   And, on July 15, after nine months of dating, Matthew took Natalie to Outside Beach, got down on one knee and proposed!  Of course, Natalie said yes!

I said “Natalie, that’s great – looks like Matthew did everything right!”  She said that “Oh yes, he did, he even called and asked my father for my hand in marriage.  I couldn’t have said ‘yes’ to Matthew’s proposal without my father’s blessing.”

The wedding will take place in late May or early June in Southern Indiana.    Their initial plans include holding a reception in Seldovia after they return from Indiana, to celebrate with all their Alaskan family and friends!

After the wedding, the tentative plans are that Natalie will remain in Anchorage to work as a full-time nanny, while Matthew fishes during their first summer as husband and wife.  There is a chance that they’ll find a way for Natalie to join him and live closer to the boat, so they can see each other when he comes into port – but they will see as they go!  Since Matthew is pursuing his Pastoral Degree at Alaska Bible College in Glennallen, they will be moving there together in the Fall of 2013.

The couple is excited and looking forward to this new stage in their relationship and are thankful for the Lord’s leading in their lives. They feel blessed with the opportunity to show their love for God in both their current relationship, and their upcoming marriage.

In closing, Natalie expressed appreciation for the  many folks here who have shown such support and enthusiasm for their upcoming nuptials.   She is grateful for all those who know and love Matthew and who have so graciously accepted her and made her feel welcome in Seldovia after such a short period of time, as this will most likely be their home together someday!


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