Shannon Marie Haller Bouchard – January 2, 1966 – July 23, 2012

Shannon passed away peacefully in her sleep at the Matsu ICU, in Wasilla, Alaska July 23, 2012 surrounded by her family.

Shannon was born in Anchorage, but was raised and went to school in Seldovia.  She became an EMT here and worked as a responder until she went in to the Air Force.  On her trips back home she always took her turn at being dispatcher.

She is survived by husband James Paul Bouchard of Wasilla;  daughter Nichole Bouchard of Seldovia; son Michael Bouchard of Wasilla;  sister Stephanie Haller of Butte; also brothers Scott Haller and Shad Haller of Seldovia; sister Paula Elvsaas of Seldovia and Bear Elvsaas of Wasilla;  dad Fredrick Elvsaas of Anchorage;  father Ike Haller of Washington and mother Sandee Elvsaas of Seldovia; uncle Thor Burt of Seldovia; aunt Sharon Burt of Fairbanks and uncle Michael Burt of Florida; and numerous nieces and nephews….and many friends.

A celebration of her life and spirit will be held here in Seldovia at the Library/ Multi purpose Room on Saturday, September 1, 2012 at 2pm.

Shannon requested that her ashes be placed in her mother’s  gardens here in Seldovia, so in lieu of flowers please bring a perennial plant from your garden to be planted in her memory.


One response to “Shannon Marie Haller Bouchard – January 2, 1966 – July 23, 2012

  1. I remember that spritely little girl that played with mine. Michelle is there in Heaven to greet her and welcome her home. Love and prayers for her family.

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