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Happy Halloween Seldovia!

It’s Time for Another Mystery

by Jan Yaeger

The Seldovia Museum thanks Henry Kroll III and Chris Reid for their great information about the bearing board that was featured as the Seldovia Museum’s October Monthly Mystery!

For November, we have chosen an image from our photo collection that we would like to learn more about. And of course we always welcome information about any of the items in our collection,  as well as your stories of life in Seldovia!

Flu Clinic Next Thursday

by SVT Health and Wellness

Be a Hero – Join us at the Halloween Carnival

by Seldovia Village Tribe

Harvest Party at SBC

by Pastor Jonathan Hoard


The Future of Susan B. English School

by Sherry Hingley

Catching up with Our Police Chief

by Jenny Chissus

Shad wanted to an opportunity to thank the city and community for all their support!

It is coming up on a year since Shad accepted the position as Police Chief of Seldovia and he truly wanted to express his appreciation for a great first year!  This has been a rewarding year of learning and it has been a huge encouragement to have all the positive back up from friends, family and the entire community!  So thank you!

The last time we talked, Shad was heading off to the Alaska State Trooper’s Academy in Sitka, so I wanted to find out how that went!    “It was 16 weeks of very intense training, both physically and mentally.  It was exhausting!   It was very good, I learned a ton!  I was shot, tazed, drowned, sprayed, maced, etc.  This was a process that left many welts, marks, and bruises – which helps you to appreciate the amount of the pain you are inflicting on another human being if every you need to use force.    This experience made me very aware of my surroundings in a way I had never experienced before – it was truly eye-opening.  It showcased the impact and importance of this position, and took my perspective of this job to a whole new level of intensity!”

From his experience at the academy, he mentioned that his “high” was graduation, as it was one of the most difficult things he’s ever done!   He was the oldest officer in the program – by about 10 years.  Definitely, this was one of the greatest challenges in his life thus far, and he is very proud of the accomplishment.   The “low” was an injury to his shoulder on just the second Continue reading