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Solstice Music Festival Workshops & Artist Bios – All you need to know!

by Tania Spurkland

June 22nd: Friday Workshops
Beginning at 10 AM sharp

Susanne Summerville, mezzo-soprano, choral conductor and music historian, joined the faculty at UAF in 1978 and retired in 1999 as a Professor of Music. As a writer for international encyclopedias, she has current entries in the New Grove Continue reading


Seldovia Teacher Awarded Guitar Grant

by Jenny Chissus

Two Rasmuson Arts Educator Grants were given by the Alaska State Council on the Arts this year, and a big CONGRATULATIONS goes out to our very own Ruth Sensenig who was awarded one of them!  A small exerpt from the Rasmuson Foundation website outlines their position on the encouragement of the arts in education.

“Rasmuson Foundation believes creativity, imagination and self expression are important qualities that should be fostered and encouraged among young people. Experiences in the arts cultivate these qualities and pave the way for the next generation to grow into resourceful, creative, and engaged adults.

Research shows exceptional things happen when the arts become part of the lives of children. The arts play an important role in captivating young people and propelling them to higher levels of achievement and understanding.

Rasmuson Foundation initiated the Arts In Education program to increase the role of cultural institutions in making arts experiences available in schools and neighborhoods; to inspire collaborations between educators, artists and cultural institutions; to increase student access to a variety of high-quality arts and cultural experiences; and to encourage student participation in the arts.”  – from www.rasmuson.org

Ruth taught band this past year, and although the class was enthusiastic and well attended, she felt as though she was supervising jam sessions instead of teaching.  Ruth’s musical experience is in piano, so she applied for this small school grant to Continue reading

Do You Want to Buy a Masterpiece?

by Jenny Chissus

This Memorial Day weekend, we have three very talented carvers creating beautiful masterpieces from our rugged local spruce!

This is the 7th Annual Chainsaw event in Seldovia!  We are blessed to have over 35 masterpieces about town for our community’s enjoyment!  Many folks have made trips specifically to Seldovia to visit these creative works of art!  Seldovia has become an “Outdoor museum” of sorts – with no admission – just the effort of getting across the bay.

You may Click Here or click on the poster at the top left to see “Where they are now?”  which shows you the locations of all the carvings created in Seldovia since 2006.

This year, we are doing something a little bit different.

Every year, up until now, the Seldovia Chamber of Commerce had an agreement to retain the masterpiece carvings here in the city of Seldovia.  Only Continue reading

Tea, Snacks, Goal Setting & Chats!

by Jenifer DicksonWomen's Gathering

Tamara Rose Blodgett – Local Author – Big Success!

by Jenny Chissus

Death ScreamsHow exciting is it that we have another local author making great strides in the literary world!   Tamara Rose Blodgett has been writing since 2007, pursuing her creative genius.  Tamara is currently on her 6th book, and is working simultaneously on three completely different series!  I had the opportunity to sit down with her at lunch today at the Tidepool (sorry about all the background noise – but it was a busy happy place!) to discuss her writing, her process and her successes.

Blodgett Books

Tamara Rose Blodgett's Currently Available Novels

Tamara has recently made it into the top of certain categories, and is thrilled to know that her readers are enjoying each book, referring them to friends, and impatient for the sequels!  Her success has come as a bit of a surprise, as each story is so personal, and such an intimate creation – she just wasn’t sure if they would resonate with her readers.  A serious confirmation that her stories are being read and enjoyed is that Death Whispers is in the TOP 100 for Children’s Science Fiction! Death Speaks is in the TOP 100 for Children’s Mysteries, Espionage and Detectives & Genre Fiction; Occult, and The Savage Blood is in the TOP 100 for Romance; Time Travel, Historical Fantasy, Historical Science Fiction & Fantasy!

Death Screams, book III in the Death series is due for release on Friday the 13th of January – so keep a look out.

Do take a look at Tamara’s blog – to see summaries, reviews and more.

It is important to note that there have been quite a few authors coming out of our little community.  The following three authors share their love of the Alaskan lifestyle and adventures.  Check them out!

Hunts and Home Fires                              

For example: Dennis Lattery’s Hunts and Home Fires and his wife Sharon Lattery’s Cold Climate Clips and Erin McKittrick’s A Long Trek Home to name a few!  We have enjoyed book signings and presentations here locally by these talented authors – and it is a real treat to see them succeed!  There must be something in the Seldovia water!  Happy Reading!