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Thoughts to Ponder… Why Don’t Little Birds Legs Freeze… and Break Off?

submitted by Mike Webber

I think I may have mentioned in the past about the Stellar Jays that come to the big glass door to the upper deck above the cliff and let me know they want some Cheerios.

Our temps have been in the single digits for a number of days now and and it doesn’t bother them a bit – they just keep coming back for more Cheerios!

My question:    If the temp is 10 degrees, how come their feet don’t freeze………. and break off!  They got no insulated boots!   

Webber wonders – back to football!

A few quick responses – you may have more!!

“Birds actually use several tricks to keep their legs from freezing. First they can stand on one leg and pull the other up under their feathers when one leg starts getting too cold. And if it gets really cold, they can squat to cover both legs with Continue reading