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Rate Decrease for HEA – Wahoo!

by Joe Gallagher
121206 HEA Rate Decrease


Thanks to HEA!

by Jenny Chissus

Like everyone in the Seldovia area, we experienced a power outage on Tuesday – September 4, around 4pm.   Unlike the rest of the community of Seldovia, Port Graham and Nanwalek – our home was not saved by the most awesome Willard Generation Plant here in Seldovia.

Why, you ask?  Yes, we are within the city limits of Seldovia – right on Main Street, and usually we are happy recipients of the temporary power of the generation plant.  That would not be our good fortune this day, as the amazing wind that hit the peninsula went after our ancient cotton wood tree in the front lawn and took a 150+ pound limb from the top of the tree – and threw it 50 feet across our yard to slam into the major power pole in our yard, and slide down the power line, pulling the meter box right off our exterior side of the house!

That is not the end of the story – by far!  It was just around 4pm and I was coming home from interviewing our new teacher at SBE, and had stopped at the Seldovia Conference Center to take photos of the Seldovia Bay full of white caps like I’ve never seen here!  As I took these photos, I was practically blown over by these huge gusts of wind! Check out the trees in the second photo – it was blowing like crazy!

As my daughter and I pulled up into our driveway and stopped to get out, right then, we heard a crash, and our power line came down on top of the hood of the car and against the front windshield!  Marina started to get out, and I yelled “Close the door, stay in the car!” and we backed away out from under the line and down the driveway to park Continue reading

Planned HEA Outage Scheduled to Make Repairs To Damaged Pole

by Joe Gallagher

Thanks to the Gerry Willard Generation Plant!

by Joe Gallagher
There was a power outage in the Seldovia, Port Graham, and Nanwalek area at 11:57 PM Friday. The area is currently being provided power via the Gerry Willard Generation Plant in Seldovia which was put on line at 1:09 AM Saturday. HEA crews plan to inspect the main power line in the area Saturday morning and make necessary repairs.

HEA Press Release – Rate Increase