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Engaged! Matthew Gain and Natalie Grimes

by Jenny Chissus
 Funny how news travels these days…

My son came downstairs Sunday night – fairly late to announce to the family that Seldovian’s very own Matthew Gain just proposed to Natalie Grimes! Matthew was raised in Seldovia, and he is the son of Ronene and Keith Gain.  (Keith is Seldovia’s Mayor)  So how did my son find out this exciting news?  A “text”!

I happened to run into a very smiley and cheerful Natalie on the street Monday, chatting with a few other local gals – I’m certain the topic was the same… I’m Engaged!

I made a u-turn and pulled over to congratulate the bride-to-be, and she smiled, ear-to-ear and with a grand “Thank you!” as I noticed the beautiful ring on her left hand.  Ah, young love!   With a twinkle in her eye – she glowed when she said to me “I just can’t stop smiling, my smile muscles are sore!”

Getting to know Natalie:  Natalie grew up in Hope, a small farming town in Indiana and is the youngest of 4 children of Teri and Sherin Grimes. She had over Continue reading