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Seldovia.com and Seldovia Gazette has a New Look!

by Jenny Chissus

Seldovia.com NewSiteViewSeldoviaGazette.wordpress has been a temporary solution while I created a website that includes all the information of Seldovia.com and the Seldovia Gazette!

The day has finally come, and the New Seldovia.com site is live!  Please Click Here to go directly to Seldovia.com, where you will have access to the Gazette as well!  One site for both services!  So, now, all you need to remember is Seldovia.com!

Seldovia.com CalendarYou will notice that on the new site, not only do you have the online Seldovia Gazette, you will find all the business and local information, events, weather, the webcams and many photos of our beautiful community!  On the lower right of the page is the daily calendar for Seldovia (see example on the right) – where you have easy access to all the happenings in Seldovia.  Thanks to SeldoviaCalendar.com for keeping this calendar current, as my widget draws information from that site!

Favorite Web LinksAt the bottom of the page, please note that there are quick links to the Alaska Marine Highway Schedule (AMHS), tidal, marine, state roads and important weather and travel links.  On the far right column at the bottom of the page you also have the option to subscribe to the site – in order to receive an email when the site is updated.  If you are into social media – you will notice a floating link to Seldovia.com’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and You Tube links!

If there is a feature that was on the old Seldovia.com or Seldovia Gazette site that you miss – please let me know (click on Email Webmaster button at the top right of the Seldovia.com page) and I will consider adding it to the new site.  I am working hard to upload all the archives of the Gazette since 2005, but it is a big job – so I appreciate your patience on that!

Thank you for your continued readership, and I encourage you to bookmark Seldovia.com – and know that this is your access page to ALL things Seldovia!

IMPORTANT NOTE:  I will not be updating this site (SeldoviaGazette.wordpress.com) from this day forward (December 8, 2012) – all information will be consolidated on Seldovia.com.