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AMHS Comes to Seldovia Twice Today!

by Jenny Chissus

UPDATE (6:46pm Tuesday the 28th):

Just spoke with the Homer office, and they just cut the lines to send the Tusty to Seldovia – she should arrive in Seldovia at 8:00pm!  Expect a quick turnaround in Seldovia – about a half hour – if possible!

UPDATE (2:06pm Tuesday the 28th):

I just checked in with the Homer terminal office, and on their voice recording this is the latest schedule:

Arrival in Homer from Kodiak:  4:30pm
Depart Homer for Seldovia:  5:00pm
Arrival in Seldovia from Homer:  6:30pm
Depart Seldovia for Homer:  7:00pm
Arrival in Homer from Seldovia:  8:15pm
Depart Homer for Kodiak:  10:30pm

Sounds like a BUSY day for the Tusty!!!

Previous notice below (now not relevant) 

Planning a trip out of Seldovia isn’t always an easy endeavor.  Today, since we are taking the ferry out at the expected 5:45pm departure time, I was on the phone with the Homer office to verify the schedule.  Rumor had it that the ferry was Continue reading


The Last Home Basketball Game TODAY!

Seldovia to Host Borough Volleyball Tournament – Starting Tomorrow! See You up at the School!

by Sandy Geagel

Update on the 50 Foot Habitat Protection District

Hello All,

The Borough assembly is considering changes to the 21.18 ordinance – the 50 foot Habitat Protection District.  The River Center has established a section on our website to list pending or proposed changes, in order to provide a single location to reference changes that may affect residents of your cities.  This section will be updated in the future as the status of legislation changes.  The website address is:

Please feel free to direct residents or link to our site.  Please let me know if you have any questions.


Dan Nelson
Planning Assistant, Kenai Peninsula Borough – River Center
(907) 714-2465 * (907) 260-5992 FAX

Thoughts to Ponder…

by Sandy Geagel

Click HERE to go directly to the school district homepage!  Thanks for participating!

Seldovia Sea Otters Highlights!

video by Jenny Chissus

Thanks to everyone who came to watch the tournament and cheer on our Sea Otters!   A special thanks out to Mark Janes – who has been a terrific coach, preparing this young team for a great year of High School Basketball!

Outstanding job to our Seldovia Sea Otter 2012 team:  Aidan, Calem, Chance, Dustin, Dylan, Michael, Nathan, Nikolai, Robert, Sarah, Seth and Tim!

If you are traveling across the bay, the Region II Basketball Tournament starts this coming Wednesday, the 29th of February!  Schedule has changed so please take note!   Team seeding should be available to us on Tuesday, and we’ll update this site as information becomes available.

Tournament will be held in SOLDOTNA @ Cook Inlet Academy. Championship and playoff games will be held at KCHS.

12:30pm — Coaches Meeting
2:00 pm — Boys Game 1
3:45 pm — Boys Game 2
5:15 pm — Girls Game 1
7:00 pm — Boys Game 3

12:30 pm — Skills Contest
2:00 pm — Boys Game 4
3:45 pm — Boys Game 5
5:15 pm — Girls Game 2
7:00 pm — Boys Game 6

10:00 am — Boys Game 7
11:45 am — Girls Game 3
1:30 pm — Boys Game 8
6:00 pm — Girls Championship Game 4
7:45 pm — Boys Championship Game 9

8:00 am — Coaches Scheduling Meeting
10:00 am — Boys Game 10
11:45 am — Girls 2nd Place Game 5
1:30 pm — Boys 2nd Place Game 11

Sea Otter Booster Club Needs YOU!

by Sandy Geagel