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Tonight “Buying Alaska” – Features 3 Seldovia Properties

by Jenny Chissus

Have you had the opportunity to see our Seldovia on one of the newest episodes of“Buying Alaska” on Discovery’s Destination America channel?   You can view the previews at the link above.

We have already had the pleasure to see John and Paulie Carluccio’s cabin (Uncharted Alaska – preview #5 on above link), which is one of Seldovia Property’s listings on Seldovia Bay that was featured in the episode on October 21st, 2012.  Check out this video below to that first episode that featured Seldovia, Halibut Cove and Kasitsna Bay properties. 

Tonight there will be an entire episode featuring floatplane accessible properties in the Seldovia area!  In this episode, on November 25,2012, Buying Alaska is showing off two properties on the west side of Seldovia Bay and one on MacDonald Spit.

Working with the producers during the three days of filming was a great experience and this new show has been such fantastic exposure for Alaska, and now, Seldovia!  Taking over 22 hours of film and editing down to 22 minutes will prove very interesting, as there is so much to see and so much to say!  These three properties are beautiful, with amazing features and locations that highlight the beauty of our area, and I’m sure the show will spark the interest of many folks looking at Alaska!  Following this link, you can view two of the three properties previews, The Isolated Property(11)  and the Bay Property (12) – each have a 2 minute trailer.

Buying Alaska will air tonight on Destination America
6pm and 9pm on Channel 194 on Dish Network
Channel 286 on Direct TV.

To view these featured properties and other current available listings in the Seldovia area, please visit my website at

Thoughts to Ponder

The Butterfly Circus – an inspiring short movie!  During this time of Thanksgiving, the real person, Nick Vujicic is a fabulous testimony to living large, knowing that each of us was created for a purpose, in spite of our shortcomings.  To visit Nick’s site, visit here.

Seldovia Featured in a Premier Episode of “Buying Alaska”!

by Jenny Chissus

Many of you remember the 5 men in black with big cameras this summer, as Paper Route Productions came to Seldovia for a total of 6 days to film 5 properties in the our area for the new show “Buying Alaska” on Discovery’s channel Destination America – for us, we can access it on Dish Network channel 194!  Take note – it is also listed as “Selling Alaska” on their website – so don’t miss it!

You keep asking, and now we know – the premier episodes will air this coming

Sunday, October 21
at 6:00PM and 6:30PM
Dish Network Channel 194

Sunday, October 28
at 6:30pm
Direct TV Channel 286

Episode 2 will feature John and Paulie Carluccio’s log cabin on Seldovia Bay!  This is a beautiful cabin, built by local log wright, Tim Dillon. Many Seldovians have had the opportunity to visit this Alaskan log home, which is listed with Seldovia Property.

While they were filming, we took a tour down Main Street, and rented an electric vehicle from Tom and Peggy for the trip out to the cabin.   There will be other Continue reading

Riders in the Sky Concert was Fantastic

 by Jenny Chissus

Tonight we had a great concert right here in Seldovia with the Grammy Award winning quartet – Riders in the Sky!  Besides the colorful and very flashy outfits and witty dialogue, these gentlemen were a solid hit as they were smooth, professional and tons of fun!  The room was crowded with folks from infants to seniors – and everyone had a fantastic time!  This was not their first trip to Seldovia, the group came here 27 years ago – and they remembered us – even after all their fame and fortune with Grammys and Disney movies!

It was a true pleasure to spend the evening in the presence of such great musicians and accomplished performers – recognized in the industry!  This was a real treat for Seldovia!  Thanks for coming guys!  I just grabbed these impromptu “hellos” from the group at the end of the concert – they were such great sports!   Enjoy a fun and informal “howdy”!

Thanks to the Seldovia Arts Council for bringing these boys to town!

Quick Introduction to Seldovia’s New Chief of Police

video by Jenny Chissus

Sorry about the audio fluctuations.

Seldovia Sea Otters Highlights!

video by Jenny Chissus

Thanks to everyone who came to watch the tournament and cheer on our Sea Otters!   A special thanks out to Mark Janes – who has been a terrific coach, preparing this young team for a great year of High School Basketball!

Outstanding job to our Seldovia Sea Otter 2012 team:  Aidan, Calem, Chance, Dustin, Dylan, Michael, Nathan, Nikolai, Robert, Sarah, Seth and Tim!

If you are traveling across the bay, the Region II Basketball Tournament starts this coming Wednesday, the 29th of February!  Schedule has changed so please take note!   Team seeding should be available to us on Tuesday, and we’ll update this site as information becomes available.

Tournament will be held in SOLDOTNA @ Cook Inlet Academy. Championship and playoff games will be held at KCHS.

12:30pm — Coaches Meeting
2:00 pm — Boys Game 1
3:45 pm — Boys Game 2
5:15 pm — Girls Game 1
7:00 pm — Boys Game 3

12:30 pm — Skills Contest
2:00 pm — Boys Game 4
3:45 pm — Boys Game 5
5:15 pm — Girls Game 2
7:00 pm — Boys Game 6

10:00 am — Boys Game 7
11:45 am — Girls Game 3
1:30 pm — Boys Game 8
6:00 pm — Girls Championship Game 4
7:45 pm — Boys Championship Game 9

8:00 am — Coaches Scheduling Meeting
10:00 am — Boys Game 10
11:45 am — Girls 2nd Place Game 5
1:30 pm — Boys 2nd Place Game 11

Tamara Rose Blodgett – Local Author – Big Success!

by Jenny Chissus

Death ScreamsHow exciting is it that we have another local author making great strides in the literary world!   Tamara Rose Blodgett has been writing since 2007, pursuing her creative genius.  Tamara is currently on her 6th book, and is working simultaneously on three completely different series!  I had the opportunity to sit down with her at lunch today at the Tidepool (sorry about all the background noise – but it was a busy happy place!) to discuss her writing, her process and her successes.

Blodgett Books

Tamara Rose Blodgett's Currently Available Novels

Tamara has recently made it into the top of certain categories, and is thrilled to know that her readers are enjoying each book, referring them to friends, and impatient for the sequels!  Her success has come as a bit of a surprise, as each story is so personal, and such an intimate creation – she just wasn’t sure if they would resonate with her readers.  A serious confirmation that her stories are being read and enjoyed is that Death Whispers is in the TOP 100 for Children’s Science Fiction! Death Speaks is in the TOP 100 for Children’s Mysteries, Espionage and Detectives & Genre Fiction; Occult, and The Savage Blood is in the TOP 100 for Romance; Time Travel, Historical Fantasy, Historical Science Fiction & Fantasy!

Death Screams, book III in the Death series is due for release on Friday the 13th of January – so keep a look out.

Do take a look at Tamara’s blog – to see summaries, reviews and more.

It is important to note that there have been quite a few authors coming out of our little community.  The following three authors share their love of the Alaskan lifestyle and adventures.  Check them out!

Hunts and Home Fires                              

For example: Dennis Lattery’s Hunts and Home Fires and his wife Sharon Lattery’s Cold Climate Clips and Erin McKittrick’s A Long Trek Home to name a few!  We have enjoyed book signings and presentations here locally by these talented authors – and it is a real treat to see them succeed!  There must be something in the Seldovia water!  Happy Reading!