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Seldovia Bay Ferry Schedule

You Are Invited to a Wedding!

by Rod and Sunni Hilts

Seldovia Arts Council Concert Tonight!

Don’t miss this great concert tonight at 7:30pm at SBE!

A Memorial Day Thank You!

Chainsaw Carving Slideshow

by Jenny Chissus

Enjoy this glimpse into the first two days of the Seldovia Chainsaw Exhibition!

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Join us on Sunday to Vote for the People’s Choice of the competition!

Also – remember – the Masterpiece Carvings will be available for sale tomorrow!

Do You Want to Buy a Masterpiece?

by Jenny Chissus

This Memorial Day weekend, we have three very talented carvers creating beautiful masterpieces from our rugged local spruce!

This is the 7th Annual Chainsaw event in Seldovia!  We are blessed to have over 35 masterpieces about town for our community’s enjoyment!  Many folks have made trips specifically to Seldovia to visit these creative works of art!  Seldovia has become an “Outdoor museum” of sorts – with no admission – just the effort of getting across the bay.

You may Click Here or click on the poster at the top left to see “Where they are now?”  which shows you the locations of all the carvings created in Seldovia since 2006.

This year, we are doing something a little bit different.

Every year, up until now, the Seldovia Chamber of Commerce had an agreement to retain the masterpiece carvings here in the city of Seldovia.  Only Continue reading

Human Powered Fishing Derby Starts Tomorrow!

by Jenny Chissus

Don’t miss your perfect opportunity to get out in a boat, with a friend (or two) and a fishing pole for a day on the water!

Tomorrow starts the 4th annual Human Powered Fishing Derby!  Click here or on the poster to the left to see the flier full size!

This event is sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce but put together entirely by Tim and Ila Dillon, who can’t wait for an excuse to go fishing!  There will be many great prizes along with an amazing opportunity to win the grand prize,  a brand new rowboat!  Call Tim or Ila for more information or just show up at the tent by the small boat harbor Saturday morning at 9am with $35, a life vest, a coat (darn – it is kind of cold this weekend) a rowboat, kayak,  canoe or driftboat and be ready to go fishing!

If you are sticking around the whole weekend, the fish fry is a community potluck to die for!  Fresh fish and the BEST potluck participants in the State of Alaska!  Seldovians know how to potluck in style – you will NOT go hungry!   You WILL leave HAPPY!  See you on the docks!