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Cookie Decorating

by SVT

Taylor’s View of Seldovia – Part II

by Jenny Chissus – Photos by Taylor Haller

Last week I was able to post 25 of Taylor’s beautiful photos, and YOU LOVED THEM! I  would like to continue to post Taylor’s photos on a weekly basis – so keep a look out!  Usually, if I have the photos available, I will be posting a series at the beginning of each week! Please share this photo story with friends and comment as we want to encourage our local young photographer!

Enjoy this new “walk” through Seldovia!

Learn Skin Sewing with an Alaska Native Master Artist

by Seldovia Village Tribe

Taylor’s View of Seldovia – Part 1

by Jenny Chissus, all photos by Taylor Haller

Taylor is a Junior at Susan B. English and has a great eye for the simple beauty of Seldovia and her surroundings.  She sent me a large quantity of gorgeous photos, so this is part 1 – keep a look out for the sequel!  Thanks Taylor for sharing your photos!  We are all looking forward to seeing the beauty of Seldovia’s Winter season through your eyes!

Community Band Wants YOU!

by Seldovia Arts Council

Got Talent?

by Ruth Sensenig

A Few Great Seldovia Pictures

These photos taken by Chad Wagner who moved to Alaska in 1966 with his family when he was 12 years old.   He enjoys getting out into nature and taking pictures, and fortunately for us, he’s got a great eye for the beauty we see every day.  Chad works as a surveyor and has been fortunate to experience many areas of Alaska.   He looks forward to moving to Seldovia in the future and living in our community year-round.  The Polar bear was a picture of his I couldn’t resist, even though it wasn’t taken in Seldovia, but up in Prudhoe Bay!