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Join us for a Winter Gear Swap, Chili, Movie and Ice Cream

by Valisa Higman

Billy Goat Plays on the 30th

by Seldovia Arts Council

SOCC November Calendar

by Damara Burnett

2012 Outdoor Gear Swap at the SOCC

by Damara Burnett

Winter came early! As you dig out winter gear, please keep in mind the Seldovia Recreational Service Area, in conjunction with SVT’s Prevention Program, will host an Outdoor Gear Swap at the Sea Otter Community Center on Saturday, November 17th from 11-3 pm.  This is a great opportunity to sell outdoor recreation items you no longer use . . . and perhaps pick up something you’ve always wanted! Downsize – clean out those closets – and pass around some quality outdoor gear to other Seldovians.

How will the gear swap work? Box up items you’d like to sell, name your price for each item, and then drop it off at the SOCC Friday before the swap. Volunteers will take care of the rest. You can collect your money (and unsold items) by 4:00 pm on Saturday – or you can choose to donate proceeds to the entity of your choice.

While winter gear will be in demand – skis, snowboards, boots, sleds – you can also sell camping gear (tents, sleeping bags, cookware) and outdoor clothing. Think REI in Seldovia! Children’s items are especially needed.

A chili and cornbread lunch will also be served during the Swap, with proceeds benefiting the Good Vibes program. Come back Saturday night for a FREE ski movie and $2 ice-cream cones.

Have questions? Please contact Damara (399-0318) or Valisa (541-520-7331) for further details.

SOCC Fall Happenings

by Damara Burnett

दो नोट मिस्स थिस क्लास! Do NOT Miss This Class!

by Damara Burnett

Thursdays = Craft Fair


by The Seldovia Crafters