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High School History Class Makes Final Plans for East Coast Trip

Dear Readers,

The high school American history class is taking a trip to Boston, New York, and Pennsylvania, to visit some of the historical places we have studied and learned about. On our trip we want to go to the Philadelphia Zoo, because that’s something that we in Seldovia don’t have. They have a variety of animals that aren’t even present in this state or country from the African lion to the sloth bear, okapi to the blue poison dart frog. It would be a fun and remembered experience to learn and view the animals located in the Philadelphia Zoo. We are hoping that you could sponsor us for our admission to the zoo.

As our high school history class we have had a few fundraisers over this past year, with things like the dinner, rummage sales, and bake sales, etc.  As a class we have made over $9,000 in the fundraisers alone already to pay for things like flights and hotels.  Now we just have to raise the money to do the things like the Zoo, so we are asking you for help. For each person it’s $18, and for our whole group of nine it’s $162. We are just asking for people to sponsor us either by one person or they whole group. We would appreciate it very much!

Written by Kaitlyn Hecks on behalf of the Susan B. English High School American history class. If you are interested in sponsoring us, please contact the school at 907-234-7616.

AMHS Comment Period Over…

by Jenny Chissus – thanks Darlene for the head’s up on this!

The comment period is over – but there is still time to voice your comments about the proposed schedule for the AMHS via teleconference.  As noted below, the teleconference will be on this upcoming Tuesday, March 27th, at 1:30pm for the southwest and southcentral runs.  As it is proposed, looks like Seldovia will be serviced only once a week from November through April.  Check out the proposed schedule here.

Rec Service Board Work Session in April

by Jere Murray

Thanks to the Gerry Willard Generation Plant!

by Joe Gallagher
There was a power outage in the Seldovia, Port Graham, and Nanwalek area at 11:57 PM Friday. The area is currently being provided power via the Gerry Willard Generation Plant in Seldovia which was put on line at 1:09 AM Saturday. HEA crews plan to inspect the main power line in the area Saturday morning and make necessary repairs.

Seldovia Recreational Service Board Meeting Coming up!

by Jan Wyland

Choose Respect!

by Alene Hidecker – Seldovia Village Tribe

Governor Parnell has declared the fourth Thursday of every March to be the day Alaskan communities talk about domestic violence and sexual assault issues in our communities.  Alaska has one of the highest reported incident rates in the nation.  The 2010 Alaskan Victimization Survey specific to Alaskan women are: 58% have experienced intimate partner violence or sexual violence and 37% have experienced sexual violence.  The Victims of Child Sexual Abuse Statistics were also shocking; with 29% of the victims in the Alaskan State Troopers reports being children between the years of 13-15 years old and 74% were less than 18 years of age.  A child was present in 43% of the assaults involving domestic violence and in addition, 26.4% of the eyewitnesses were under the age of 18.  The trauma can be life long if left untreated.            Seldovia is the 118th community in Alaska to participate this year.   His greatest hope is to get people talking about domestic violence and sexual abuse in order to eliminate the stigmas.  This will hopefully encourage people to seek the help they need in order to have healthy lives and families.

The Seldovia Village Tribe and South Peninsula Haven House are partnering to have an Open House at the Sea Otter Community Center.  There will be informational displays, pamphlets and advocates on hand to answer questions.   Everyone is invited!  This is a community event for all Seldovians.  So come by and pay us a visit and give us your input!

Planned Power Outage for Tuesday, March 27th

by Joe Gallagher