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Tonight “Buying Alaska” – Features 3 Seldovia Properties

by Jenny Chissus

Have you had the opportunity to see our Seldovia on one of the newest episodes of“Buying Alaska” on Discovery’s Destination America channel?   You can view the previews at the link above.

We have already had the pleasure to see John and Paulie Carluccio’s cabin (Uncharted Alaska – preview #5 on above link), which is one of Seldovia Property’s listings on Seldovia Bay that was featured in the episode on October 21st, 2012.  Check out this video below to that first episode that featured Seldovia, Halibut Cove and Kasitsna Bay properties. 

Tonight there will be an entire episode featuring floatplane accessible properties in the Seldovia area!  In this episode, on November 25,2012, Buying Alaska is showing off two properties on the west side of Seldovia Bay and one on MacDonald Spit.

Working with the producers during the three days of filming was a great experience and this new show has been such fantastic exposure for Alaska, and now, Seldovia!  Taking over 22 hours of film and editing down to 22 minutes will prove very interesting, as there is so much to see and so much to say!  These three properties are beautiful, with amazing features and locations that highlight the beauty of our area, and I’m sure the show will spark the interest of many folks looking at Alaska!  Following this link, you can view two of the three properties previews, The Isolated Property(11)  and the Bay Property (12) – each have a 2 minute trailer.

Buying Alaska will air tonight on Destination America
6pm and 9pm on Channel 194 on Dish Network
Channel 286 on Direct TV.

To view these featured properties and other current available listings in the Seldovia area, please visit my website at

Alaska OWL Project IT Position Open

by Seldovia Public Library

Alaska OWL (Online With Libraries) Project IT Aide Job Description

Purpose of the OWL Library IT Aide position:
Aides will be trained to provide maintenance and troubleshooting support for Alaska OWL (Online with Libraries) Project technology and equipment in the local public library. As a library staff member, OWL aides will be paid by the OWL Project five hours per week.

Primary Responsibilities of OWL IT Aides:

  • Attend any required training in Anchorage or other location as determined (Travel, lodging, and per diem will be reimbursed or Continue reading

HEA Plans 4 Days of Power Outages for Halibut Cove

by Joe Gallagher

Seldovia’s UNOFFICIAL Election Results

by Jenny Chissus

Thanks to the Election Judges who gave a call this evening with the UNOFFICIAL final figures for today’s election in Seldovia.  Please see the sample ballot below with Seldovia’s numbers typed in red.

Unscheduled Tusty Stop in Seldovia

by Jenny Chissus

The Tustumena has made an unscheduled stop in Seldovia this morning!  After 4 lines broke free in Homer, due to high winds and rough seas, the MV Tustumena has retreated to the safety of our protected Seldovia Bay ferry dock.    She arrived this morning around 9am and as it stands right now, she has plans to stay through until tomorrow morning.

I spoke with the City Manager Tim Dillon who stated that the Tusty is on its way to dry dock for the annual maintenance of the vessel.  This is just a holding spot until it is safe to get underway again.  The ship is down to its skeleton crew, so there is no chance of dining on the vessel while it is in port – that would have been great!  Also, for those who have called to ask if they could get a ride back to Homer, that answer is “no” also, as the Tustumena will be going back to the shipyard.  So, we say “adieu” to the Tusty until the 21st of April 2013!  Next ship to come into  our ferry terminal will be the Kennicott!

Microloans Available for Alaska Businesses

Wanetta Ayers
Dept. of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development
Division Director
(Juneau, AK) – Alaskans interested in starting or growing a small business will soon have a new source of business financing through the Alaska Microloan Revolving Loan Fund (AMRLF). The Division of Economic Development will begin accepting loan applications for the new fund on November 5, 2012.
The AMRLF provides short term loans to Alaska businesses for working capital; purchasing machinery, equipment, and inventory; and, leasehold improvements.
“We are pleased this financing option will encourage entrepreneurs to capitalize on their ideas and ingenuity to create job opportunities,” said Susan Bell, Commissioner for the Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development.
Loans are available up to $35,000 for individuals or $70,000 for two or more people, with a maximum loan term of six years. The new loan fund is the result of House Bill 121 that passed in the final session of the 27th Legislature.
Applications and specific program information for all loan programs will be available on November 5, 2012 on the Division of Economic Development’s website at or by contacting a loan officer at
1-800-478-LOAN(5626).  Email inquiries can be sent to

Catching up with Our Police Chief

by Jenny Chissus

Shad wanted to an opportunity to thank the city and community for all their support!

It is coming up on a year since Shad accepted the position as Police Chief of Seldovia and he truly wanted to express his appreciation for a great first year!  This has been a rewarding year of learning and it has been a huge encouragement to have all the positive back up from friends, family and the entire community!  So thank you!

The last time we talked, Shad was heading off to the Alaska State Trooper’s Academy in Sitka, so I wanted to find out how that went!    “It was 16 weeks of very intense training, both physically and mentally.  It was exhausting!   It was very good, I learned a ton!  I was shot, tazed, drowned, sprayed, maced, etc.  This was a process that left many welts, marks, and bruises – which helps you to appreciate the amount of the pain you are inflicting on another human being if every you need to use force.    This experience made me very aware of my surroundings in a way I had never experienced before – it was truly eye-opening.  It showcased the impact and importance of this position, and took my perspective of this job to a whole new level of intensity!”

From his experience at the academy, he mentioned that his “high” was graduation, as it was one of the most difficult things he’s ever done!   He was the oldest officer in the program – by about 10 years.  Definitely, this was one of the greatest challenges in his life thus far, and he is very proud of the accomplishment.   The “low” was an injury to his shoulder on just the second Continue reading