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Thriving Thursdays with Dr. Rob and Jen

by SVT Health and Wellness


Cookie Decorating

by SVT

Learn Skin Sewing with an Alaska Native Master Artist

by Seldovia Village Tribe

Join us for a Winter Gear Swap, Chili, Movie and Ice Cream

by Valisa Higman

Tuesday Bingo Night

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Monthly Mystery Revealed!

by Jan Yaeger

Getting into the “Christmas Spirit of Giving”

by Laurel Hilts
Hey, folks! It’s time to gear up for Santa’s Shop once again. Each year, Santa’s elves gather donations from the community of great items for our children to purchase for those they love. Then, more elves busily wrap the gifts for the kids to give at Christmastime.

This year’s Shop will be on Friday, December 14th. If you have any items you would like to donate, please call Laurel Hilts at 435-3252 or send an email to her at