Thanks for visiting our site!  This is a blog about Seldovia, for Seldovians and those who love our community and wish to keep abreast of the happenings in our waterfront community!

The Seldovia Gazette is an on-line newspaper and is owned by Jenny Chissus. The Seldovia Gazette and Seldovia.com are Alaskan businesses, located in the beautiful city of Seldovia, Alaska. Your comments and suggestions are important to us; contact information is provided below.

Seldovia deserves a strong, unbiased newspaper that will keep the public informed by presenting an accurate reflection of life in Seldovia. Communication is also essential to economic development in all small communities today and we will be providing Seldovia with that communication link through a extensive internet portal (Seldovia.com) and a “living” newspaper.

Please feel free to visit www.Seldovia.com to see business and travel information as well as all things Seldovia – it is your one-stop resource opportunity for Seldovia!

We would love to have your input and your contributions if you have events to share.

Have a great day – and thanks for letting the Seldovia Gazette be your Seldovia Connection!

Jenny Chissus, Editor

Seldovia Gazette
PO Box 263
Seldovia, Alaska 99663
(907) 234-8000

One response to “About

  1. http://www.youralaskalink.com/politics/API-28M12-The-King-of-Halibut-Cove-Clem-Tillion-144741355.html

    Interviewed Clem today, he mentioned Seldovia several times. Thought folks might enjoy a link.

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