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Spotlight – Northern Passage Leaves Seldovia

by Jenny Chissus

I happened to be down at the docks when Jen Gordon and Bruce Rein, along with their two children, Richard and Carmen (and their cat, Tiger) were taking off for sunnier seas from our own Seldovia harbor!

They both have a real love for the water, Bruce was a merchant marine and Jen has been sailing since she was 7 years old!  They met when they were both living aboard other boats in Jersey City, New Jersey.

They brought the boat, Gotta Go, a Columbia 36 to Seldovia from Seattle quite a few years ago, which is now owned by Mark Janes and Tracy Philpot, and still resides in our Seldovia harbor.   Bruce and Jen have been spending their summers in Seldovia for quite some time, and enjoy a cozy cabin on Seldovia Bay.
Three summers ago, they bought Northern Passage and brought her up from the Continue reading

The Warm Heart of Africa

by Margie McCord
Mzuzu, Malawi, Feb-March 2012

I just returned after spending 2 months with Byron who is working for the UN as an orthopedic surgeon at a government hospital in a city of about 20,000 people. Even though I am a nurse, I volunteered in the physical therapy department where I learned a lot very quickly because there were not enough PT aides.

The conditions on the wards were very archaic by our standards with no privacy, little attention, and all basic needs and meals supplied by the families.  Now I know why Malawi is known as “the warm heart of Africa” because the people are friendly, generous, polite and so very appreciative for any help they are given. Medical and surgical supplies often run low or may be completely out of stock which can be potentially harmful for patients with pain, infections or needing surgery.

The Mzuzu area is lush with fruits and vegetables but there is very little protein except for beans unless you are lucky enough to live near Lake Malawi where there are more varieties of fresh fish than any other lake in the world! We had some delicious butter fish when we visited the lake.

I would recommend this experience for any teen or adult who might like to help in a very small or big way; everything is appreciated and you come away with an indelible feeling of gratitude for what we have in the US.

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