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Update on the Status of the 17(b) Easements around Seldovia

by Jenny Chissus

IMG_3676On Tuesday, November 27th, BLM representatives arrived in Seldovia to post the sign for the 17(b) easement, marking the start of the easement access to public lands in the hills surrounding Seldovia.  The beginning of the easement is just past the landfill on Rocky Street, and the sign was posted adjacent to the gate that currently marks the beginning of Seldovia Native Association land.

IMG_3678This easement, and the access to state lands beyond the native lands has been in contention for many years.

There are many avid hikers, skiers and fishermen who remember the days when access was open and available – leading back to the head of Seldovia Bay and Seldovia River, with access to Seldovia Lake.

From what I have gathered, (though it is very complicated – see SNA position stated below) the simplified version according to the Seldovia Native Association, is that the easement location on the posted map by BLM does not follow the original trail, and is therefore not the legal access to state lands or the lake.   Because the location of the old trail (easement) is difficult to determine and very Continue reading

New Biz in Town… Creationz!

by Jenny Chissus

IMG_3691Seldovia welcomes a beautiful new, and definitely bright pink store to town!  Tiffany Haller, a graduate of Susan B. English School, and wife of Shad Haller – our Chief of Police, wanted to have a place in town where she and her fellow crafters could display and sell their wares!

121204 Creationz MapThe new business, Creationz is located at 248 Lipke Lane – next to the Seldovia Medical Clinic and across the street from Dean Lent’s home.  You will often see the police vehicle parked outside – as the Hallers reside above the store!

IMG_3681When Tiffany went to school in Seldovia, there used to be a store/gathering place called “Synergy” where the local crafters could gather and make their local art available to locals and visitors alike and she wanted to bring that back!

Tiffany loves to create beauty out of the ordinary, such as her Altoids tin photo books, CD picture albums, wine cork and wooden spool ornaments – and she has outdone herself recreating a boring basement space into an inviting and cheerful haven of happiness, just in time Continue reading

Seldovia, Alaska – Northwest of Oklahoma

by Betty Jane Pollard

BettyJane_20120912_133742-1Greetings from Idabel, Oklahoma.  I recently returned home from your lovely town in September of this year.  My husband, Donnie, along with me and our two friends, Jimmie Wade and Martha Tucker flew to Seldovia from Homer.  Our host, Ted Stallings, flew us over to meet his wife, Patty, and begin our relaxing stay at their beautiful home.

You have many gorgeous sights to see, as I am sure everyone tells you.  However, I would like to share a most memorable walk through your city.  After deep sea fishing on Tuesday, I chose to experience the atmosphere of small town Alaska.  I walked around with a smile on my face made possible by your friendly citizens. Sure enough, my hamburger and fries at the local diner were very tasty.  I met a Continue reading