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Gratitude – A Key to Happiness

by Jenny Chissus

Sitting with my family on Thanksgiving Day in our cozy home by the fire (thanks Sonny!) I am so thankful and grateful for my wonderful family and many friends. I am thankful that we both have our parents and our children know their grandparents, I’m grateful that my brother Peter is alive today and able to meet his granddaughter Ellie (pictured above),  I’m thankful for the health of my children, that our oldest son KC has a job he’s excited about, I am thankful for our family businesses and the ability to serve the wonderful people in the Seldovia area.

In addition to all my personal reasons for gratitude, I reflect on the many blessings that we enjoy daily in this beautiful community of Seldovia.   We can all be grateful to live here and we can be thankful for the many people and organizations that make our community special:

  • Susan B. English school, our teachers and coaches, counselors, great custodians who Continue reading

Thoughts to Ponder – A Lesson in Love and Joy

By Jenny Chissus

Peter and Jenny at the Reception

Peter and Jenny at the Reception

This November 4th, I had the honor to sit with my brother Peter – the father of the bride – at Chelsea’s wedding reception.  To understand the real significance of that, here’s a little history.

My brother was diagnosed with ALS – also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease in September 2009, after a year of wondering what was going on with his speech. He was having a difficult time formulating words, and at first, his speech resembled someone who had too much to drink.

Before we knew his diagnosis, I remember one conversation we had on the phone when we were struggling to communicate, and I felt bad that I couldn’t understand his words.  Peter kept saying “Jenny, this isn’t so bad, so my speech is slurred  a bit, I have friends with serious diseases, cancer or other horrible things.  It isn’t so bad, it is still me, I just talk funny!”

Peter has always had such a great outlook and positive attitude that is contagious.  He is and always been a light when he entered a room.  Even with this awkward speech situation, he was still upbeat and an encourager to others. Continue reading

Dear Friends in Seldovia

card sent to the community of Seldovia from Jackie Graese and family

Thoughts to Ponder… Oh, How we Love the Snow!

Continue reading

Watch For the Twins!

by Jenny Chissus, photos by Connie Geagel

Keep a watch out for the moose twin calves that have been sighted along Jakolof Bay Road with their mother this past month.   This has been a real treat for folks who get a glimpse of this skittish trio on this side of Kachemak Bay.

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Moose tend to be rarely seen  as we have such a high population of black bear, and we are closed off by glaciers to the main peninsula, so there isn’t a transient population.  I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing moose since I moved to Seldovia over nine years ago!  With all the hiking on vacant lands and remote properties out the road, I have seen evidence of moose (moose droppings) but they have always kept out of sight.

Moose mama’s (cows) are very protective of their young, and can run up to 35 miles an hour!  Though they are herbivores, cows normally weigh around 800 pounds and you certainly don’t want to get in between them and their young.  Moose are known to trample, stomp on, kick and even kill a person who threatens them or their calves.  They may appear cute and “stuffed animal” like – but do not get too close!

Please keep a look out as you drive out Jakolof Bay Road – as they have been seen at Barabara Creek, Kasitsna Bay Lab (where these photos were taken) and Jakolof Bay.  With snowy weather and poor visibility, please be aware that they are out and walking the road – so drive safe!

Thanks Layla and Connie for the photos!

Thoughts to Ponder… Why Don’t Little Birds Legs Freeze… and Break Off?

submitted by Mike Webber

I think I may have mentioned in the past about the Stellar Jays that come to the big glass door to the upper deck above the cliff and let me know they want some Cheerios.

Our temps have been in the single digits for a number of days now and and it doesn’t bother them a bit – they just keep coming back for more Cheerios!

My question:    If the temp is 10 degrees, how come their feet don’t freeze………. and break off!  They got no insulated boots!   

Webber wonders – back to football!

A few quick responses – you may have more!!

“Birds actually use several tricks to keep their legs from freezing. First they can stand on one leg and pull the other up under their feathers when one leg starts getting too cold. And if it gets really cold, they can squat to cover both legs with Continue reading

Tamara Rose Blodgett – Local Author – Big Success!

by Jenny Chissus

Death ScreamsHow exciting is it that we have another local author making great strides in the literary world!   Tamara Rose Blodgett has been writing since 2007, pursuing her creative genius.  Tamara is currently on her 6th book, and is working simultaneously on three completely different series!  I had the opportunity to sit down with her at lunch today at the Tidepool (sorry about all the background noise – but it was a busy happy place!) to discuss her writing, her process and her successes.

Blodgett Books

Tamara Rose Blodgett's Currently Available Novels

Tamara has recently made it into the top of certain categories, and is thrilled to know that her readers are enjoying each book, referring them to friends, and impatient for the sequels!  Her success has come as a bit of a surprise, as each story is so personal, and such an intimate creation – she just wasn’t sure if they would resonate with her readers.  A serious confirmation that her stories are being read and enjoyed is that Death Whispers is in the TOP 100 for Children’s Science Fiction! Death Speaks is in the TOP 100 for Children’s Mysteries, Espionage and Detectives & Genre Fiction; Occult, and The Savage Blood is in the TOP 100 for Romance; Time Travel, Historical Fantasy, Historical Science Fiction & Fantasy!

Death Screams, book III in the Death series is due for release on Friday the 13th of January – so keep a look out.

Do take a look at Tamara’s blog – to see summaries, reviews and more.

It is important to note that there have been quite a few authors coming out of our little community.  The following three authors share their love of the Alaskan lifestyle and adventures.  Check them out!

Hunts and Home Fires                              

For example: Dennis Lattery’s Hunts and Home Fires and his wife Sharon Lattery’s Cold Climate Clips and Erin McKittrick’s A Long Trek Home to name a few!  We have enjoyed book signings and presentations here locally by these talented authors – and it is a real treat to see them succeed!  There must be something in the Seldovia water!  Happy Reading!