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Harvest Party at SBC

by Pastor Jonathan Hoard



Basketball Weekend Camp

by Pastor Jonathan Hoard

Summer VBS – Join Us!

by Pastor Jonathan Hoard

You Are Invited to a Wedding!

by Rod and Sunni Hilts

Baccalaureate Service for Seldovia Graduates

by Pastor Jonathan Hoard

Join Us To Celebrate Easter Week

by Pastor Jonathan Hoard

Movie Review – Courageous

by Jonathan Hoard

Courage can be described in many different ways.  I will admit that that word brings to my mind heroes who serve and protect our nation, who protect us on our own streets or who run into burning buildings.  There is no doubt that our nation’s heroes display a great level of courage.  Maybe that is why we relegate the word “courageous” to those very dramatic and intense jobs.  But can the word be used for something much more down to earth as well?  Can we use the word “courageous” for something as ordinary as fatherhood?  We can, if we pause to reflect upon the fact that fatherhood is a dying institution; that scores of fathers have walked off the job; that often times it is the fathers of today that cause the most harm to their children; that even those fathers who remain have shoved the word “responsibility” from their mind and have passed the job of Continue reading